InfinityBit Token (IBIT)

InfinityBit Token is an ERC-20 utility token which will be used on the InfinityBit CEX for reduced fees and access to
an AI powered trading system.

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Key Features

Token Ecosystem

InfinityBit CEX accepts IBIT tokens for 50% reduced trading fees.

Liquidity Locked

IBIT Liquidity is locked for 1 Year with UniCrypt.

NULS Ecosystem Integration

InfinityBit Token is integrated into the NULS Ecosystem. Available now on Nabox.

Cross-Chain Bridge

Nerve Network Bridging with IBIT includes NULS, NERVE, HECO, OKEX

AI Powered Trading

A fully automated AI-powered trading system is being developed for IBIT holders.

AI-powered trading for IBIT holders

InfinityBit is developing a customizable automated trading system which will be made available exclusively to IBIT holders. This system will require no advanced technical knowledge and will empower traders with powerful AI technology. This system brings automated trading strategies commonly employed by large firms to the individual.


Feb 14, 2023

IBIT Private Sale

A private sale was held where 15% of the tokens were made available before DEX listing.

Mar 20, 2023

IBIT Smart Contract V2

The smart contract was re-deployed, and previous holders were airdropped.

Q2 2023

Technology Preview

CEX demo accounts will be available for internal platform testing. Limited Slots available for select IBIT holders based on token holdings.

Q4 2023

CEX Beta Pre-Launch

InfinityBit CEX Beta for select IBIT holders. Slots will be selected based on token holdings. Participation in the technology preview does not ensure a slot.

Feb 15, 2023

IBIT Smart Contract V1

The initial smart contract deployment and Uniswap listing

Q2 2023

FSB Blockchain Testnet

InfinityBit FSB-blockchain testnet genesis block. This testnet will operate to ensure stability and facilitate internal testing.

Q3 2023

Security Audits

First Round of Security Audits will commence.


AI-Powered Trading

AI-Powered trading will be available to IBIT token holders, in tiers. This will be a customisable, automated trading system.


10,000,000,000 IBIT tokens

  • 43% Burned after private sale
  • 20% Initial Liquidity Pool
  • 15% Private Sale
  • 10% CEX Token Listing
  • 9% Reserved LP
  • 3% Marketing & Partnerships

Community & Team


Dedicated Team Members


Combined Years of Experience

Reduced Trading Fees

The IBIT token will be used on the InfinityBit CEX, which will be a fully-featured crypto exchange. This token is used to provide users with a discount on trading fees. Specifically, IBIT holders will be able to enjoy a 50% reduction in trading fees as compared to non-holders. This provides a significant incentive for holding IBIT tokens, as it can result in significant cost savings over time.

Contract Address (ERC20): 0xA3cB87080e68AD54D00573983D935Fa85d168FDE